Learning more about the different kinds of photography clients

Modern photographers that have just started working are often surprised by the wide range of photography client types looking for their services. Even when they know their target audience, it looks like every client is different. Of course, over some period of time, they will understand that there are a few different categories of clients and after a short conversation with potential clients they can easily place them in some of these categories.

Loyal clients

Even though the number of loyal and regular clients is usually small, one of the most valuable photo marketing tips is to pay special attention to this category of clients. They are the clients that will market your business for free by sharing their personal experience with their colleagues, relatives, and friends. Send emails and holiday cards, answer their questions – make them feel important!

Impulsive clients

This is the most difficult category of clients for photographers. They are usually not interested in specific products/services and they are not interested in building long relationships. They are emotionally driven buyers. In case you want to get their attention, you must think like them for a moment. Put yourself in their position. Why would they want to hire you? In any case, having a beautiful photo website where they can easily find your portfolio and browse through your work can be helpful. That’s why you must invest in a website like this. Don’t hesitate to hire a professional web designer because the look and functionality of your website will have a positive impact not just on impulsive clients, but on every other type of clients.

Discount clients

Every photographer that has some experience with clients knows that many of them are focused on the prices found in their offer. Of course, the price is an important element of finding a good deal, but these discount clients are investing all their energy into getting the best price. There are many people like this which mean that you must find a way to market your services/products to them. The best thing that you can do is to offer discounts and special promotions from time to time. Let them sign up for a newsletter and promise to send discount offers directly on their emails or on their phones. Make them feel that they are saving a lot of time by using your business.

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